Poland: Wildlife and Trekking

Poland: Europe's Wildlife & Trekking WonderlandWolves Which destinations immediately spring to mind for biology, ecology or conservation related trips abroad? Costa Rica, Borneo, East Africa certainly, but how about Poland? It is often easy to overlook what is right on our doorstep, but in Poland you'll discover the perfect short-haul destination for a wildlife and biology related tour, as well as offering some of Europe's best trekking. Eastern Poland is sparsely populated, relatively undiscovered and in places, truly wild. It is an area where four magnificent National Parks still contain a huge variety of endangered species living in their natural habitats. In the northeast, amid the meandering lowland rivers and flooded meadows, are large populations of elk and there are places where wolves still roam. Nearby, in the best-preserved fragment of ancient lowland forest anywhere in Europe is the last stronghold of European bison, whilst wolves, lynx, elk, deer, wild boar, beavers and an incredible array of smaller mammals as well as some extraordinary birdlife can also be observed. Over 80% of all Europe's bird species have been recorded in Poland. Of these, perhaps the large owls are the most impressive. The rounded, meadow-topped mountains of the far southeast †are home to Europe's largest wolf population which primarily hunt red deer. You'll also find bears, bison, beavers and otters that frequent the woodlands and river valleys. Further south the great Tatra Mountains are excellent for day walks and extended trekking and the limestone hills nearby hold several hundred species of butterflies and orchids. Our specialist wildlife operator for Poland has access to some of the best guides in the country, as well as the ability to organise lectures and conservation work with local researchers. Contact us to find out more.