Mt Meru and the Maasai School Expedition

Occasionally (I like to think it happens more here than anywhere else, but I could be biased), certain schools get offered a real corker of an expedition.

Hot off the press for one of our favourite clients is this three week Mt Meru and the Maasai Expeditionto northern Tanzania.

To say we're excited about it would be an unnecessary understatement - we think it's been crafted to perfection.

Mt Meru offers spectacular trekking and incredible views of Kilimanjaro (see above) but without the expense and crowds of its big brother. The rift valley and Ngorongoro Crater offer some of the best wildlife watching in the world. The project work is developed by local communities. And throughout it all is the insuppressible African spirit. The music. The harmonies. Oh the harmonies! The dance. The rhythm. The colour. The adventure. The dust. The stars. The sunsets. The life...

You'll benefit from really experienced local guides. That's not something we say lightly - these guys are phenomenal! On one of our expeditions, the two chief guides had, between them, summited Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro OVER 700 TIMES. 'nuff said.

Want to get a gander at the full itinerary?

Here it is. Drum roll please...

Our three week school expedition in Tanzania.