Morocco: The Anti-Atlas

The Anti-Atlas is a volcanic mountain chain extending southwest from the High Atlas. Extremely hot in summer, it is an ideal region for winter exploration; in fact it is one of the few places close to Europe where the climate lends itself to trekking at this time of year. Jagged mountains surround small, isolated, self-sufficient villages and offer a genuinely remote trekking experience. † In the 10 years our tour operator for this region has been running trips here, they have yet to see another organised western group! With no altitude issues (the highest point reached is 2531m) the trekking is generally graded moderate to strenuous. Within an 8-day itinerary there is time for a 5 day point to point trek, as well as time to explore the narrow souks of Taroudant; dubbed "Marrakech in Miniature" (without the vast hoards of tourists, we might add)! This is a true immersion into the best that Morocco has to offer and is one of the most extraordinary itineraries, in terms of both trekking and culture, anywhere within a four hour flight of the UK. Prices start from around £850 including flights, depending on the exact itinerary and numbers of the group. For an overview of Morocco as a destination CLICK HERE.