Japan: a school tour

Miyajima Gate, JapanEarthquakes, sushi & karaoke!

A †Geography Department contacted us to see if we could come up with an itinerary for a proposed 10 - 12 day trip to Japan. The brief included a number of specific requests such as a tour of the previous earthquake affected city of Kobe and a visit to various volcanic features. In addition to this there were requests for other activities that would give the pupils an insight into the extraordinary culture and beauty of this unique country. These included some walking and trekking, sumo (watching it, we hasten to add!), a visit to a high-tech industrial plant and Ķ a spot of Karaoke!

The itinerary we devised ticked all these boxes apart from the Sumo, unfortunately, as tournaments do not take place during the planned trip dates. However, with an itinerary that also includes lessons in calligraphy and origami, talks with survivors from the Kobe earthquake and also the Hiroshima A-bomb, a visit to the earthquake simulation centre, the opportunity to sample sushi for breakfast at the biggest fish market in the world and the chance to dress as a Samurai warrior, we think they will be kept more than busy during their trip!

It's a good example of how our experience and knowledge of who to contact within the industry can help turn a potentially general sightseeing visit to a country into an in-depth look at everything from history and the arts, to religion, geography, culture and food.

Contact us †and let us use our knowledge and experience to help you put together your trip to Japan.