Egypt Family Holidays

Egypt is a family destination steeped in the wow factor - a country full of wonder, awe, adventure and learning!

There is so much to discover and experience, from the bustling cities to the silence of the Sinai Desert and from the Pyramids of Giza to the underwater wonders of the Red Sea. Family adventures in Egypt offer a holiday that you will be talking about for years. It's a perfect destination if you are looking for an alternative to the usual bucket and spade holiday - although feel free to bring a bucket & spade, there's no shortage of sand!

Contact us for more details let us help you choose the best option for you and your family. We deal with many of the leading UK ATOL protected tour operators offering holidays in Egypt.

Suggested Itineraries & Prices:

We offer a huge selection of adult and family friendly adventure holidays to Egypt, including tailor-made holidays. The itineraries given below are a small selection of what we can offer.

Prices range from £899.00 - £1,669.00 per person.


Teens Active in the Sinai

Active teenagers will enjoy the action-packed days set in an area of amazing landscapes - desert, mountains, canyons and the Red Sea. Your base will be on the shores of the Red Sea in a charming village surrounded by magnificent mountains. Take the optional extra to follow in Moses' footsteps and watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Sinai, or choose to stay on the beach. Trek on camels through narrow canyons and arrive at a lush oasis. Camp out under the desert night sky and sand board down the highest dune in the Sinai. Snorkel in a remote and pristine area and enjoy the colourful marine life and coral.

TACFXSIDay 1:Fly to Sharm El Sheikh; transfer to Dahab
Day 2: Drive into desert; camel trek; desert camp
Day 3: 4WD to dinosaur rock formations; sand boarding; return to Dahab
Day 4: Free day - optional intro to diving & windsurfing
Day 5: Snorkel safari; optional overnight excursion to Mount Sinai
Day 6: Free day - optional kayaking
Day 7: Free day - optional boat snorkel safari; horse ride to Bedouin dinner
Day 8: Transfer to Sharm El Sheikh; fly to London

8 days ::† Small Group ::† Minimum Age 12 :: Ref: tacfxsi :: ENQUIRE


Pyramids & Petra


Discover the wonders of the ancient world as you travel across Egypt and Jordan enjoying an action-packed trip. Marvel at the Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo and be awestruck as you catch your first glimpse of the Treasury at Petra. Travel in Moses' footsteps up Mount Sinai to witness sunrise. Snorkel amongst colourful fish and coral in the Red Sea and float in the Dead Sea. Spend a night under the desert sky at a Bedouin camp after an exciting jeep safari and have an optional camel trek in the Sinai Desert. A journey deep into ancient history amongst amazing landscapes.

Day 1: Fly to CairoDay 2: City tour inclujding Pyramids, Sphinx & Egyptian Museum
Day 3: Drive to St Catherine's Monastery
Day 4: Sunrise climb of Mt Sinai, drive to Dahab
Day 5: Camel trek; snorkelling in the Red Sea
Day 6: Ferry to Jordan; drive to Wadi Rum; overnight Bedouin camp
Day 7: 4WD exploration; drive to Petra
Day 8: Petra sightseeing
Day 9: Dana Nature Reserve; guided walk
Day 10: Visit Kerak Castle; transfer to Dead Sea
Day 11: Relax and float in the Dead Sea
Day 12: Fly to London

12 days ::† Small Group † ::† Minimum Age 8 :: Ref: tacfej :: ENQUIRE


Egyptian Explorer


A great short family trip to Egypt that includes taking in the amazing sites at Cairo and Luxor along with relaxation at the Red Sea. Wonder at the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of Kings and the temples of ancient Thebes. Take a trip on the Nile by felucca, a unique Egyptian experience. Immerse yourself in the Red Sea and snorkel amongst colourful fish and coral.

Day 1: Fly to Cairo
Day 2: Relaxing start to day; visit Pyramids; ride a camel; overnight train to Luxor
Day 3: Arrive Luxor; visit Karnak and Luxor temples
Day 4: Discover Valley of Kings; donkey ride on West Bank; relax on felucca on Nileexofmf
Day 5: Transfer to Red Sea
Day 6: Free day in El Gouna for optional snorkelling, boat trip, explore desert
Day 7: Fly to Cairo; visit Tutankhamun's treasures
Day 8: Fly to London

8 days† ::† Small Group† ::† Minimum age 5† ::† Ref: exofmf† :: ENQUIRE


Nile Cruise


A classic Nile cruise combined with discovery of ancient treasures and temples. You will cruise down the Nile passing temples and villages at the water's edge. Wander through colourful souks, ride a camel and a donkey, relax in Aswan, sleep on an overnight train and have an adventure in this country that is great for kids of all ages.

Day 1: Fly to CairofwfencDay 2: See Pyramids and Tutankhamen's treasures; overnight train to Aswan
Days 3-5: Optional camel trek; board boat for 3 night cruise to Luxor. Visit Edfu & Kom Ombo temples. Take a Calesh ride to Karnak Temple in Luxor
Day 6: Luxor; donkey ride; visit Valley of the Kings
Day 7: Free day in Luxor
Day 8: Morning flight to Cairo; afternoon free to explore
Day 9: Fly to London

10 days† ::† Small Group† ::† Minimum age 2† ::† Ref: fwfenc :: ENQUIRE


Land of Pharaohsexpfeg

Begin your Egyptian adventure in Luxor, a grand and bustling city. From here visit the Valley of the Kings and take a donkey trek to Hathesput Temple and a horse-drawn calesh to Karnak Temple and a tour of surrounding villages. Be driven along the Nile Valley to Aswan and sail amongst some of the Nile's tiny islands by felucca. Explore desert dunes by camel and enjoy a traditional meal with a Nubian family before boarding a Nile riverboat for a 3 day cruise back to Luxor via Kom Ombo and Edfu temples. Move on to the Red Sea and enjoy its warm waters and myriad of fish and coral. Conclude your journey of discovery in Cairo and the Great Pyramids and Sphinx.

Egypt EXPFEG - mapDay 1: Join tour Luxor
Day 2: In Luxor; visit Karnak Temple; Calesh ride to outlying villages
Day 3: In Luxor; donkey trek to Hatshepsut Temple and visit theValley of the Kings; bus to Aswan
Day 4: In Aswan; option visit to Abu Simbel
Day 5: Camel trek to St Simeon's Monastery; board Nile Cruiseboat; sail to Kom Ombo
Day 6: Sail via Edfu to Esna
Day 7: Sail to Luxor; free afternoon
Day 8: To Safaga
Day 9: In Safaga; boat trip to coral reefs
Day 10: Travel to Cairo
Day 11: In Cairo; visit Pyramids, Sphinx & Egyptian Museum
Day 12: Tour ends Cairo

12 days† ::† Small Group† ::† Minimum age 5† ::† Ref: expfeg† :: ENQUIRE


Egypt Discovery - Tots on tourexpfet

Take your tot on an adventure to Egypt and have the reassurance that you'll be travelling with a tour operator that understands your needs. The itinerary is paced to allow plenty of rest between activites, some free time in the afternoons and the knowledge that any older siblings will also love this trip. You will visit the Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple as well as relaxing rides on a felucca on the Nile and a glass bottom boat on the Red Sea before relaxing on the beach.

Day 1: Join tour Cairo
Day 2: Half day sightseeing of the Pyramids; afternoon free
Day 3: Morning free; afternoon visit to Egyptian Museum & overnight train to LuxorexpfetDay 4: Arrive Luxor, visit Hod Hod Suleiman Farm; afternoon journey by felucca down the Nile
Day 5: Morning donkey trek to Hatshepsut Temple and visit the Valley of the Kings; afternoon free
Day 6: Morning excursion to Karnak Temple by calesh; afternoon drive to Safaga
Day 7: Full day boat trip
Day 8: In Safaga; free day
Day 9: Fly to Cairo; afternoon free
Day 10: Tour ends Cairo

10 days† ::† Small Group† ::† Minimum age 2† ::† Ref: expfet† :: ENQUIRE