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Educational trips to Peru

An STC educational trip to darkest Peru gives you a unique opportunity to undertake an expedition that’s among the most varied any country can offer. With its sun-baked Pacific coast giving way to the breathy peaks of the Andes, before disappearing into the sub-tropical wilds of the Amazonian rainforest, Peru gives you a choice like no other.

Peru’s extraordinary history, culture, climate and wildlife means this South American country is a student’s dream come true - whatever they're studying. And it means their subject will come alive in glorious technicolour.

Bordering five other countries, Peru sits just beneath the equator on South America’s western coast, facing the vast South Pacific ocean. By no means the largest country on this sub-continent, Peru still has a population 33m people.

Peru background

With a history of ancient cultures dating back some 5,000 years, perhaps the most infamous of Peru’s civilizations were the Incas. Though their numbers grew from as far back as the 13th century, they only controlled the vast Andean region, from their mountaintop stronghold of Machu Picchu, for less than 100 years in the 15th century.

After becoming embroiled in territorial wars with neighbouring countries and colonies, for the ensuing 400 years, Peru struggled financially well into the 20th century. Nowadays, though it still remains economically slow, it thrives in its natural resources, and is a high producer of gold and silver, and has reserves of both oil and gas.

But Peru is rich in terms of climate and wildlife. Its location guarantees a mix of dry weather and warm temperatures along its coast, while the mountainous Andes have seasonal rain and much cooler air. Along the eastern border, the Amazonian rainforests are high in humidity and rainfall.

This diverse climate results in Peru having a high biodiversity. Home to thousands of species of plants, animals and wildlife, many of them are endemic, with many more on the rare and endangered list. A place on any one of The STC’s Peruvian expeditions will guarantee you and your students an epic journey of discovery into this multi-layered, multi-diverse country.

Our local guides

Every STC educational trip comes complete with our ‘local leaders’ to keep your group safe, and your expedition on track. As experienced guides, each are born and bred in your country of destination, in this case Peru, and are experts in the geography, language, and cultures of the country.

These skilled and trusted ‘local leaders’ are an outstanding asset to every one of our educational trips, and their expertise and experience is second to none. Not only will they make your trip run like clockwork, but they’ll encourage student development with key skills to help them in the moment, and for the rest of their lives.

Educational tours to Peru
Trekking in Per

Our educational trips

The STC offers you a wide range of educational trips in Peru, each uniquely different and each as jaw-droppingly amazing as the next. Just one of our Peruvian treats is the Salkantay Project expedition - an 18-day journey that takes you to the mountaintop citadel of Machu Picchu and beyond.

An ideal introduction to this beautiful country, this trip provides an adventurous, responsible, and rewarding expedition, with a community project at its heart. After flying into Peru’s capital of Lima, you’ll start as relaxingly as possible, before an in depth visit to the fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

Next, you’ll travel high up into the heart of the Inca empire to experience the Sacred Valley, before moving onto to your community project in one of its villages. Here, you’ll all be working with the local villagers to help with a sustainable project that helps the whole community.

After your project comes to an end, you’ll move on and begin your 3-day trek along the Salkantay Trail. Encountering Peru’s dry backlands, the peaks of Pampas Salkantay, and the subtropical rainforest, it will be a physically challenging, but ultimately fulfilling, hike.

From here, an early start will take you to the Incan magnificence of Machu Picchu. An amazing experience, you’ll spend the day on an in-depth guided tour, as well as having free time to explore every inch of this ancient fortress.

After travelling onto Lake Titicaca near the Bolivian border, you’ll reach the final part of your trip. Here, you’ll enjoy a boat trip to visit some of the lake’s floating reed islands, home to the Uros Indians. From here, you’ll board your transfer flight to Lima, before heading back to the UK.

Let’s get started

This is just one of our exceptional Peru educational trips. But thanks to its diversity, every expedition is filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Physically challenging they may be, but with a depth of hands-on learning unavailable anywhere else, every student will get closer to their subject, giving them skills and knowledge to take them forward in life.  

Find out more about our fabulous educational trips to Peru and see what you can achieve. Get in touch with our team today on 01392 660 056 or email: and let’s get started!