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Educational trips to China

Stunning, magical, and, as the fourth largest country in the world, massive.

China is one of The STC’s most popular destinations, even with its 10hr flight time.

Covering most of Eastern Asia, our educational trips to China and the landlocked region of Tibet mean full-on adventure!

It’s unlikely, you or your students will have experienced a trip quite like this before. China brings a unique educational experience to everyone. Containing more insight than any classroom or textbook ever could, China is the perfect educational expedition destination that can cover any specific academic theme. Your once in a lifetime journey starts right here with The STC leading the way!

China background

Officially known as the People’s Republic of China (PRC), China is one of the world’s most heavily populated countries, with around 1.4bn people inside its 9.6mn sq. miles of land. Located in Eastern Asia, it borders, among others, Mongolia, Myanmar and North Korea, while the Yellow Sea, and the East and South China Seas border its far eastern Pacific coastline.

With a rich, cultural history dating back to around 1500 BC, the Chinese have seen many dynasties and revolutions leading them to where they are today. Throughout history, China’s borders and territories have changed many times, even as late as the final Qing dynasty ending in 1912, before becoming the modern Republic we know today.

Its vast and diverse landscape is made up of deserts in the north and subtropical rainforests in the south, with the central mountain ranges of Tibet and Sichuan separating the two. And two of the world’s longest rivers, the Yangtze and the Yellow river run east from Tibet, right through into the East China Sea and Yellow Sea respectively.

Being one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, there are thousands of animal, plant and bird species who make it home, including of course, the endangered Giant Panda. But both the wildlife and their habitat are all under increasing environmental pressure, with rises in the disappearance of natural habitat, pollution and poaching.

With an educational STC expedition tour to several regions of this Asian superpower, you’ll get a unique insider’s view on how life, culture, history, and the environment come together to make one, contrasting and diverse country.


Experience and expertise guaranteed

The STC regularly creates individual educational trips for schools that tap into your and your students own needs, requirements, and budgets. We do all the hard work for you at this end when it comes to planning, scheduling and arranging your trip. But it’s our trusted partners in China who will be sharing all their knowledge and know-how by being your local guides and expedition leaders for the duration.

There’s nothing our expedition ‘local leaders’ don’t know about the area you’re visiting. So they’re exceptionally skilled in every area, as well as in conducting and supervising all the day to day details of your expedition. These local leaders are an outstanding asset to our STC expeditions and we value their expertise and experience, and trust them implicitly to keep your expedition on track.


Your personal development

As an educational trip, we can arrange for you to have a specific study-related theme that runs throughout your expedition. We can take your requirements and build a daily itinerary that takes your students study needs into consideration, giving them the opportunity to learn in unique surroundings. 

And no trip is ever the same for any expedition. Each one is loaded with unexpected and extraordinary events and activities that throw them in at the deep end, giving them practical, subject-related learning experiences and skills they won’t encounter anywhere else.

But we always dig deeper, going above and beyond to make sure the students really are making the most out of their trip, ensuring the textbooks are left in the dust. Building a student’s self-confidence and resolve, and giving them the chance to develop their personality is always a priority. That’s why we ensure personal development, involvement and interaction - not just with their fellow students, but with the locals as well.


Our educational trips

The STC already have some amazing educational trips to China all ready to go for you to choose from, like our trip to Mount Siguniang and Eastern Tibet. A recommended 26-day expedition that works its way down from the capital, Beijing, through the Shaanxi province and old Xi’an, and on to the cool air of the mountainous Sichuan region in Eastern Tibet.

During the trip you’ll be walking, trekking, and cycling through friendly communities, as you visit villagers and learn about their trades, cultures and way of life. Starting off, you’ll take in the Mutianyu section of the immense Great Wall of China, before going deeper into the provinces to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre, learning about the Panda’s survival and the environmental issues it faces.

You’ll also spend time with a local family and learn about the role of Chinese housewives before preparing your own traditional Sichuan meal. Then it’s on to increasing altitudes, as you start a three-day trek through spectacular scenery to Mount Siguniang. The activities experienced so far will certainly be amazing by themselves, but by this point, you’ll only be halfway through your expedition.

As you transfer to the county of Danba, you’ll spend three days helping out with an ongoing community project. Working with villagers on any project that’s underway at the time, you could be helping local school students build a toilet and shower block, or helping restore a water-powered grinding wheel.

From here, you’ll fly onto Yangshuo as you prepare for a bit of time on two wheels! Cycling through the beautiful countryside, you’ll get to see rural China up close and personal, taking in the stunning landscapes around you. You can also explore the markets and shops of the town.

Finally, you’ll transfer by plane back up to Shanghai, giving you a chance to explore another popular Chinese city for the day, before flying home to the UK.

This trip can be challenging at times, especially with some of the physical activities included. But some regular fitness training a few months ahead of your departure will ensure you make the most of it. Perhaps more of a shock will be the culture. You’ll all be exposed to a very different part of the world, with all the sights, sounds, and smells that go with it.


Let’s get started

The STC stuff all our China expeditions full of real adventures and real situations that students almost certainly won’t have experienced before. Mixing them together with practical learning and valuable life lessons, we help get every student closer to their subject, and help them shape their careers and their lives. 

To find out more about our educational trips to China, get in touch and call the team today on 01392 660056 or email: enquiries@thestc.co.uk.

We’re ready and waiting to plan a once in a lifetime adventure you’ll never forget!