Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh: Important changes to Overseas Expeditions. The requirements for completing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition section have recently changed. These changes will affect many schools who up until now have used foreign adventures and the "Other Adventurous Project" as a means of completing this section of The Award. In a tightening up of their criteria The Award is bringing the requirements for ALL expeditions in line with those that are run in the UK. Critically, they now need to include †remote supervision and self sufficiency during the assessed phase, wherever in the world they take place. Clearly this has significant implications on a foreign expedition. There are 20 conditions that must be met in order to meet the requirements of the expedition section and very soon Local Operating Authorities will only be accepting applications from a new breed of "Authorised Activity Providers". † 2009 trips already organised will not be affected by the new rules.