Frozen RoadBlog

Armchair Adventures - Episode 7

The Frozen Road

Bike Packing in the Canadian Arctic (in Winter!)

Hello, I hope this finds you well and managing to cope with the current challenges.

Today, with travel and adventure still beyond the horizon, we’re resuming Armchair Adventures – our series of blogs about inspiring adventure films.

With a nod to the fast approaching winter, in this episode we’re heading to the Canadian Arctic for a spot of bike-packing…  Camping and cycling, alone in the Canadian wilderness, whilst battling storms, wolves, loneliness and temperatures of minus 36C; 24 year old Ben Page documents the last section of his travels through the Americas to the Arctic Ocean.

The Frozen Road is a beautiful film and one which I found hugely thought provoking. Ben speaks frankly about the challenges of lone decision making in a high-risk environment. The understandable highs and lows of a challenging journey are all too plain to see.

For me, this film is a wonderful insight into the philosophical aspect of expeditions and the calling to spend time alone in nature. Every now and again it’s important to feel small, to get a sense of place, to step off the emotional see-saw of life and find a place of calm. Nature is the place to do just that - and it doesn't have to be the Arctic.

Adrian Ferraro