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Armchair Adventures - Episode 2

In this week’s Armchair Adventures we’re staying closer to home and heading to Scotland!


Drum roll please… we have two short films for your viewing pleasure!

It’s easy to overlook the wild places close to home in favour of the ‘big ticket’ adventures and travel classics offered overseas. Yet Scotland offers a wonderful opportunity for quiet reflection, wilderness, adventure and utterly breath-taking scenery. Not to mention the possibility of a much shorter 'quick' escape.

The Bothy Project

First up is “The Bothy Project” - a story of four friends, all artists, and the promise of some uncomplicated time to switch off, reflect and seek inspiration in the wilds of Scotland.

Their destination is Shenevall Bothy (a ‘bothy’ is a simple shelter), near Ullapool in north west Scotland.

The film is a beautiful portrayal of why we need to re-connect with nature and why wild places are good for our soul.


Next up we have Al Humphreys – author, adventurer and motivational speaker – with a quick film about a ‘micro-adventure’ (Al has written a book on the subject!) to Suilven, a shapely mountain not too far away from Shenevall.  We love the film's sense of journey - the buzzing metropolis of London, an overnight sleeper train,  transferring to bikes, then 'packrafts' and finally walking. Thought provoking narration and great photography make the adventure very tangible.

And Finally...

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, so we wanted to sign post a great blog article on the subject of post-adventure blues. It's a very common, but not very commonly discussed, issue. Cal Major, first person to SUP around the UK… over to you.

p.s. We'll be hearing more from Cal in future editions of Armchair Adventures.

pps: If you missed last week's Armchair Adventure about slack-lining between Mexico and the US then you can read it here.