Adventure Gear

Adventure Gear: To buy or not to buy Getting kitted out with the correct gear for a trip or expedition can be a very expensive business. † The gear required will obviously depend † on the destination being visited, but in nearly all cases "group" equipment such as tents and stoves etc will be provided by the tour operator or the expedition company. However, there is always seemingly a mountain of personal gear that is either "essential" or "highly recommended". There is no question that some items, such as a good pair of boots, † are worth buying outright. However, the majority of the rest can be hired at a fraction of the cost of the usual selling price. Trekhire UK specialise in the hire of a wide range of outdoor equipment - both personal and technical in nature, from waterproof jackets and sleeping bags, to first aid kits, ice-axes and even socks! Prices are quoted per trip, not per day... for example: 4 season sleeping bag: † £180 approx to buy; † † £30 approx to hire Headtorch: † † £25 approx †to buy; † † £6 approx to hire In the current economic climate, †most people are †needing to reduce costs wherever possible, and this is one area in which real † savings can easily be made, without losing out on quality. †Contact us for advice on essential kit.