A Chinese Cracker

A Chinese Cracker: Great Walls of FireGreat Wall of China Few onlookers can fail to have been impressed by the razzamatazz and style of the Beijing Olympics, even if some of the fireworks on the TV were superimposed! With the world's eyes truly entranced by the colour and spectacle of the recent games, interest is sure to be high if you are considering holidaying or †launching an expedition or educational tour to this spectacular country. † But with a country this size, where do you start? To understand and appreciate China fully would take a lifetime of travel and exploration, such is its diversity and size. † There is something for everyone here - from exploration, adventure, †cultural, geography, language or history tours, to botany expeditions, project work or treks amongst the untouched corners of the Himalaya. We deal with no less than 17 tour and expedition companies that operate in China. Whilst that may seem excessive, we feel that it is only by offering our impartial advice on such a wide range of options, that our clients really get the tour or expedition that is just right for them. From the buzzing metropolis of Shanghai to the ancient traditions of the remote tribal minorities of Yunnan, our operators can show you the very best of this country with fantastic tailor-made itineraries, exceptional guides and a dedication to travel in a † responsible and sustainable manner. Contact us †to find the tour for you.