29 reasons to sit back and relax

We often get asked why exactly should anyone arrange a trip through us?

Well, whether you are a teacher, parent, group of friends or an individual, we can think of lots of very worthwhile reasons. And we're not the sort of people to keep good things to ourselves. If you are sitting in front of your computer wondering whether or not to give us a call, hopefully the few we've listed here might tip the balance in our favour:

1: † † † We are independent.
2: † † † Our service is 100% free.
3: † † † 88% of clients who have travelled with us enquire about another trip.
4: † † † We have contacts in all sorts of places you wouldn't believe!
5: † † † We make it easy to find your ideal travel experience.
6: † † You get impartial advice from experienced professionals.
7: † † † We deliver an outstanding pre-departure service and
8: † † A quality travel experience.
9: † † † We are committed to Responsible Tourism
10: 140 countries, 7 continents, a world of possibilities
11: † Instant access to dozens of award winning tour operators
12: † Help comparing itineraries, destinations, operators and styles of travel
13: † Don't know where to go? We can help you with that too.
14: † We're honest. If we don't think something is a good idea Äì we'll tell you.
15: † We can advise you on climate and weather patterns around the world
16: † We'll pay 50% of the cost to offset your flight emissions if you pay the other 50%
17: † Full financial protection through ATOL protected tour operators.
18: † Our clients get free guides on Responsible Tourism and Planning for a Safer Journey.

Are you a teacher? Then you might also like to know that:

19: † We can reduce your work load
20: † 87% of schools who travel with us come back for more
21: † We can tailor-make a trip to your needs
22: † We can cost in as many free places as you need
23: † We can provide risk assessments and safety management tips
24: † We provide detailed quotes with all the information you need to present to Senior Management
25: † We can give launch assemblies and parents presentations and provide full colour trip notes for students and parents
26: † We can provide ethical fund-raising ideas
27: † We won't bombard you with sales calls.
28: † We will ensure that your tour or expedition is the very best it can possibly be.

The sharp ones amongst you will have noted that there are only 28 reasons listed and the article title says 29...

So what's the last one? We're not telling, but we know you'll find out if you contact us. Give us a call on 01392 660056.