Responsible Travel

Why Do We Care?

Why is responsible tourism so important to us?

Promoting our values of responsible tourism is one of the key aims in the core of our business values. Not only does it allow us to sleep easily at night, safe in the knowledge that what we do is positively influencing lives around the world, but it has ulterior motives too.

Better Education

By ensuring that we work with local providers and truly think about what our participants are up to while they are away the educational benefits are huge! Overlapping with local cultures allows participants to engage fully and develop their understanding of history, politics, religion, flora, fauna, traditions, languages and so much more. Jumping in at the deep end is the best way to educate!

Sustainability for the Future

If we don’t make the effort now to travel responsibly, very soon many of our favourite destinations will lose the things which make them so special to visit. Imagine Marrakech filled with high street brands instead of their incredible markets, or following a trail of rubbish up Mount Kilimanjaro instead of a guide. We have to remember that while it is a destination to us when we travel, that wonderful place we are visiting is somebody else’s home and it is our responsibility to look after it too. 

Role Models

Moreover, with trips specially designed for 12-18 year olds we want to be a role model to the next generation of travellers so that they take our beliefs and values away with them and travel responsibly for the rest of their lives.