jungle sunlightResponsible Travel

Our Vision

Think back to an all-inclusive holiday, go on,  we've probably all done it. The sandy beach, unlimited drinks during cocktail hour, breakfast buffets so huge no one could finish them. Good memories. Now think back a little harder; how many times did you leave your all-inclusive resort? How many individually wrapped chocolates did you eat after they had been left on your pillow? How many locals did you interact with, were there any hidden amongst the English tour operator staff?

Now think one more time. Where did your money go?

A better model

Responsible tourism is travel which minimises the negative social, economic and environmental impacts and, as far as possible, promotes a positive impact on all of these areas. 

We believe that travel and tourism have the potential to bring a world of good to local people, communities, wildlife and ecology. Through well considered itineraries, local knowledge and many years of experience, we do our very best to ensure that each and every one of our adventures abroad is responsibly and ethically run. After all, we need to be setting an example for the young people on our trips. 

You can read our full commitment and Responsible Tourism Policy here.