Genghis Khan, The Gobi Desert, Eagles, Sacred Fire, Horses... Mongolia is endless...

There is no doubt that most people have heard of Genghis Khan and The Gobi Desert. There is so much more you don't know about Mongolia. How about a Naadam or a Ger? Our school expeditions are all about learning, what you discover in Mongolia and the stories you return with will stay with you forever.

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When you enter the home of a Mongolian (half the population live in Gers) don't bother knocking just shout out "Nokhoi khor" which literally means, "hold the dog". Once in, there is quite a bit of etiquette! Always receive gifts with your right hand supported at the elbow by your left arm. Avoid touching another person's hat. Never, ever, spill milk - it is sacred. Oh, and leave weapons outside. 

Welcome to a different world! A school expedition to Mongolia really is an education. Mongolia is massive and one of the highest and most sparsely populated countries in the world.  Whether on a camel adventure in the Gobi, trekking in the Altai Mountains or learning to hunt with eagles, you are sure to return with a different view of our culture! Come and explore one of the last vast wildernesses on earth, and find yourself in the process.  

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