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Henri was born and raised in the heart of Lapland, in Sodankylä, 120 km above the arctic circle. Nowadays his home is close to the Oulanka National Park. After studying adventure education at the University of Applied Sciences in Tornio, Henri started work as a wilderness guide for different winter and summer activities including, kayaking, rafting, x-country skiing and ice climbing. At the moment he is Head of Product Safety over in Finland and part of the team who creates and develops new activities there. Henri is also a certified ranger of Oulanka National Park meaning that he provides unforgettable experiences in the Finnish wilderness in winter and summer time and encourages you to push your limits in a safe way.

Outside of work Henri is passionate about travelling to different parts of the world to do back country snowboarding, endurance mountain biking and hiking in the wilderness. He is fluent English and Finnish.

Henri Finland