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Alfredo's career was jump-started at the tender age of 19, when he began working as a tour guide for South American Circuits. Since then, he has gained valuable experience working for many leading adventure operators. A natural guide, Alfredo is equally at home in the rugged Andes mountains or the Amazon jungle. His guests always take a special liking to him, responding to his charisma, sympathy, and sensibility. 

Alfredo is passionate about his work, and it shows. He has been everywhere in Ecuador and seems to know everyone, even when you think that you are in a forgotten town or uncharted region of the rain forest. Alfredo possesses a vast knowledge of biology and natural history, has extensive rain forest experience and is also a kayak instructor. He has kayaked all over North and South America, completing over 50 river descents. If you ever sit at a dinner table with him, you’ll immediately feel like his old friend.

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