Girls' School Adventures

From the Nepalese Himalaya to the plains of South Africa, in every country around the world, women hold a unique and sometimes little known role within society. Our Girls' School Adventures are your chance to discover your destination from a local woman's perspective.

With this range of specialist school tours and expeditions, our aim is to bring your students side by side with local women and discover your destination from an entirely different perspective.
Learning about the challenges, aspirations and day to day life of women in the developing world enables your students to develop a greater understanding of non-western cultures in an increasingly global society.
If your girls were to meet with Chinese entrepreneurs, Jordanian women's groups, artisan co-operatives in Ghana and Berber women in the Atlas mountains, what would they ask them? What could they learn from them?
Throughout each of these adventures and expeditions, we’ve arranged a series of talks, insights and unique collaborations where your girls will get the chance to find out what life is really like as a woman in different countries around the world. We’re talking about the issues and challenges they face, as well as the joys and cultural aspects that are uniquely theirs.
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