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How to be a superhero (teacher)

How to be a superhero (teacher)

I can hear the buzz in the common room already...

"Have your heard what [insert your name here] is planning?"

"Now that's an audacious plan..."

"I've got to get on that trip (even if it means selling the children and moving back in with nan!)"

"What's wrong with Clacton? That's where I went on my school trip."

Now rewind about a month to... NOW. BECAUSE IT STARTED HERE.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to make your colleagues jealous arrange a school expedition, then it's probably because you are (or want to be) the horizon stretching, experience enriching guy (or gal) who shows up in a red cape to lead your students on a life enhancing adventure into the wilderness, discovering mountains, forests, strange foods and awesome cultures. There might be yak dung too, but we won't dwell on that just now.

Why? Well, like all self-respecting super-hero teachers, you can see into the future. You can see what a difference such an experience will make to the way your students will carry themselves, to the way they view other cultures, to the way they eat chocolate coated scorpians, but mostly, because you know how it will... DRAG THEM AWAY FROM THEIR iPHONES AND OPEN THEIR EYES...

"BUT..." I hear you cry...

I know, you've got homework to mark. Meetings. That dentist appointment. Date night. Laundry. Not forgetting Friday night's parents' evening, or the promise you made to run the London marathon wearing nothing but a mankini and waving a "save the Rhinos" banner.

All I'm trying to say is...


It is? Well, this is where we come in with our clip board, our analytics and our personal time management team to.. (nah, not really), you have to sort your own time management, but we can help you find the best operator, design show-stopping itineraries, source great leaders, do risk assessments, book the accommodation, the flights, the first class seats for you and your colleagues whilst the students are back there in cattle-class...

All you have to do? Pick up the phone and call us on 01392 660056 and then claim credit for arranging an incredible adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that red cape, you might be needing it sooner than you think. Go forth and make your colleagues jealous... and may your 2014 be filled with adventure.

And cake.

Happy New Year!


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